Turn Team Ideas To Action With Three Questions

I wrote a new piece for Quartz at Work focused on the challenge many team leaders have converting whiteboard ideas and a boardroom of post-it notes into tangible action. I’ve seen leaders struggle with this time after time so I boiled down three easy questions they can ask to push things forward into tangible outcomes.

Three Questions Teaser

You can read the full piece at Quartz, but here’s a teaser.

We all understand that setting goals is a good idea. But many struggle to convert their goals into action.


The standard course of action for implementing new ideas is to organize task forces to investigate; share reports of early progress with the executive team, accept feedback, and then break up the team to complete their individual tasks.


As time drags on however, waiting begets impatience and finally, team members lose interest. The longer the project lies still, the less likely anyone will dare disrupt its stagnant surface. Dormancy never ends and the project is never spoken of again. Here’s how to fix it.

Read the article at Quartz.

Asking these three questions constantly will help you achieve your goals

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