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Amanda Goetz VP of Marketing at The Knot shares what community building and creating a social following actually looks like. Seriously, how do we do that? Also, regarding Covid-19, why did it hurt digital engagement, are there silver linings? Also, politicians’ petty fighting is a great example of why your leaders shouldn’t make employees take sides.

(Note: Amanda’s interview was recorded before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the USA.)


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Covid-19’s Impact On Business Has A Silver Lining

Starts at 01:00


Amanda Goetz, Vice President of

Starts at 15:57

  • Check out Amanda’s website here.
  • Go to if you are getting married or know anyone getting married (or at least should be.)
  • Follow Amanda on Twitter.

Taking Sides: Bad for D.C. and Bad For You

Starts at 40:32

  • Republicans used to be more worried about Covid-19, now Democrats are according to Gallup.
  • Read this article about facts not changing our feelings in The New Yorker. 
  • I still can’t find the article that gives your team permission to “take it back” Help?


Digital Numbers Are Down. There’s a Reason

Starts at 49:05



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