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Bruce Daisley, former Twitter exec, and Googler calls out work hour boasters and explains why too many hours makes you a useless worker. Also, in this show we discuss how to communicate to your staff about Covid19, and a I explain why leading work from home employees does require you to retrain your managers. (quickly)


Covid-19 Silver Linings & Future Impact

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  • Facebook is giving 1k to employees for Covid19 preparedness. The Hill
  • Shopify led the charge giving 1k to employees for Covid19 preparedness. CNBC
  • American restaurants are going to take a pounding… but there is a silver lining. The Atlantic
  • Amazon is hiring 100,000 people Amazon Blog


Eat Sleep Work Repeat by Bruce Daisley
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Bruce Daisley, on Work Culture & Work Hour Boasters

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Leader Communication During A Crisis

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The Leadership Tool Box
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Managing Work From Home Employees Requires Method Changes

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