Howard Schultz President Coffee-Pun Headlines

With Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announcing he may be running for President,  will voters be leaving room for a new flavor in 2020 as he sets the political world astir? It’s too soon to tell, but one thing is for sure. As indicated by my poorly written opening sentence, as Schultz weighs his options, headline writers can have a lot of fun writing coffee-pun headlines.


Funny Schultz Presidential Coffee-Puns

Like my own pathetic attempt above, most of them are just absolutely terrible, but here is my existing collection. Please hit me up on Facebook if you want me to add any more.


Motley Fool’s Lame Coffee Pun!

Wall Street Journal’s Coffee Pun

FoxNews Coffee Pun!

CNN Entertainment’s Coffee Pun!

CNN Coffee Pun!

Washington Post Coffee Pun!

Forbes Coffee Pun!


My Attempt At Howard Schultz Presidential Coffee-Puns



Listen to My Segment on Howard Schultz Presidential Coffee-Puns



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